Books by John Burbidge

More Than Halfway To Somewhere

A captivating collection of colorful tales from one who dares to risk and celebrate the world’s diverse cultures and their unique individuals.

Dare Me!

The acclaimed biography of an author whose audacious life and provocative writing pushed the boundaries of acceptability in 20th century Australia.

The Boatman

The gripping memoir of a foreign volunteer who goes to India to help others and discovers an entire part of himself he never knew existed.

Beyond Prince and Merchant

A seminal publication on the concept of civil society and its rise as a pivotal force for social change in today’s global society.

Please Forward:
The Life of Liza Tod

An extraordinary woman whose peripatetic life went from being a memsahib in British India to a celebrated fundraiser for an international NGO. 

Approaches That Work
in Rural Development

Emerging trends, participatory methods and local initiatives that have transformed rural development around the world.

Celebrating the human spirit in individuals, communities and cultures across the world.